Teaching & lecturing

In 2006, I was invited to teach the practical aspect of the Animal Chiropractic course, International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic, and have taught this since in UK, Germany and the US, and continue to do so.
“Ms. Fretwell lectures for us with confidence on various topics relating to human and animal chiropractic principles. She has become a very valuable and reliable teacher on our courses, teaching both introductory (basic chiropractic essentials) and "specialty" topics (canine, bovine, neurology and advanced courses and techniques). She brings preparedness to her teaching, combined with enthusiasm and clinical practicality. This being combined with a unique ability to explain concepts in several different ways when necessary, makes the quality of her teaching exceptional. Specifically, Ms. Fretwell has repeatedly exhibited exceptional skills in understanding and describing spinal biomechanical and neurological concepts for our students (all are chiropractors or veterinarians) during her lectures and laboratory sessions, in a highly professional and practical manner. As an example, we have often given Ms. Fretwell a new topic relating to animal health, and she has exceeded our expectations in researching and preparing the knowledge base and lectures necessary to present the subject to our course participants. These qualities have earned her a permanent role in our programs”.
Dr Donald Moffatt IAVC
Emma Fretwell Chiropractic
I have started too meld the neurology and the animal chiropractic, so I have been asked to lecture this to both Chiropractors and Vets. This is a fascinating thought process, trying to account for different knowledge levels, and then regrouping with a forward thinking chiropractic aspect, knowing that eventually it will lead to an altered treatment patterns and processes!
There are many different groups that I have been asked to talk to: Family Dog in Spain, where they hosted a 3 day conference, many lectures based about the welfare and care for sporting dogs, as well as the inclusion of chiropractic into the behaviour aspect of dog training. Many of the delegates were Dog behaviourists, and this proved a lively and topical debate, where everyone learned a lot from each other! I certainly did!! I regularly hold meetings and courses at K9ASE venue in Evesham, on Warm Up, Injury Prevention, Canine First Aid amongst many others…
All in all, I am happy to teach & treat abroad, providing the correct legalities are met, as well as lecturing / talking on a variety of subjects that involve the sporting dog. Please contact me for further details.
Emma Fretwell Chiropractic