Emerald Chiropractic

Emerald chiropractic was set up in 2012, in a partnership with Delia Oliver, also a Chiropractor. Our purpose built, multiple treatment rooms, state of the art practice, in the centre of Evesham has grown beyond our comprehension. We moved here in the 2013, and the team has expanded with the business.
Originally our plan was to grow the business and move into the NHS sector, gaining recognition for the Care Quality Commission and such like. Then with much investigation, we decided that route was maybe a touch too hazardous for us careful souls! However with all that the investigations and implementations brought to us, system controls and audit processes and the like, we decided that we could take a chance and enter the Royal College of Chiropractors Awards - and we gained the Patient Partnership Quality Mark, as well and the Clinical Management Quality Mark in 2012, and then again in 2015, something we are very proud of as a clinic!
My people chiropractic clinic covers the everyday pain behaviours of lower back pain, shoulder pains etc, and I also give lots of prescriptive exercises, rehabilitation, and re-programming the functional aspect of our day to day lives. My clinic has seen a gradual shift towards the neurology aspect, and I have completed many of the Neuroseminars courses, as well as the Carrick Institute modular course. Neurology fascinates me, the speed at which the body accepts and establishes a new ‘normal’, and how ultimately everything effects / affects everything else. With the change in focus, I am starting to find many of my patients have mild neurological problems, which correct relatively easily, and with this success, the reputation for neurology is starting to spread far and wide.
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