Dogs in Detail

With the experience and knowledge that I have gained over the past years, I have decided to  try to pass on some of this through an online course environment, Dogs in Detail heads this aspect of the canine world. Conducting research and talking to many of my clients, I have realised there is a severe shortage of correct, credible information centres for the dog handler to tap into to broaden his or her own knowledge. Dogs in Detail aims to fulfil this gap, providing easy to use, easy to digest information in the form of online courses, ranging from Canine First Aid - certified and Vet lead, to Warm Up and Cool Down for all dog sports, 3 levels of strength training for your dogs - from basics to advanced, and then fitness and reconditioning programs, as well as post injury rehabilitation programs.
Information wise, there is very little out there, and what is available is definitely not lead by professionals… and this is where the problems lay: much is anecdotal (historical work), and worked well for one dog, but not necessarily for your dog… Unfortunately most dogs don’t read the rule books, and they need something that is a little more tailored and specific to them. These courses from Dogs In Detail give the overview, and then allow feedback to myself to make them unique to you and your dog.
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